Installation of commercial roller doors in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire 

C&S Roller Shutter Systems undertake roller shutter fitting contracts for a variety of commercial applications throughout West Yorkshire and the UK, providing a high quality, reliable service to all our clients. Our range of commercial solutions offers an ideal high level of security/protection whilst still taking into account the aesthetics of your premises where required.

Our commercial range includes:

  • CS 56 Aluminium Curtain Shutter– Suitable for shop fronts and as over bar shutters.
  • CS 75 Galvanised Steel Shutter – Suitable for loading bays and industrial unit entrances. Our strongest available shutter.
  • CS 89 Lexon Glazed Aluminium Shutter – Suitable for shop fronts.
  • CX Retractable Grilles – An internal grille shutter, suitable for protecting windows and doors in offices, health centres etc.
  • Tube & Link Shutter – A lightweight discreet internal/external shutter, ideal for shop fronts, over bars and car parks.
  • Nylon Grille Shutter – An internal lightweight grille shutter suitable for receptions, display areas and over bars.
  • Mesh Grille Shutters – Internal/external installation. Designed for shop fronts and office windows, with a low budget and lesser aesthetics being the key, whilst maintaining a high level of security.
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Aluminium curtain shutters

CS 56 Aluminium Curtain Shutter

The CS 56 offers a great level of security and is available for both commercial and industrial applications. However, it is more commonly used on shop fronts or as over bar shutters in public houses/clubs. It is available in standard mill finished aluminium or powder coated to standard RAL colours to suit your premises.

It is available with either solid or punched lath options and with a choice of either manual or electric operations. For the manually operated systems the centre lock is neatly inserted into the bottom rail and for electrically operated systems the locking device is fitted to the barrel assembly itself. A rubber seal runs along the bottom edge of the rail and side guides come with a brush strip insert and seal as standard.
galvanised steel shutter

CS 75 Galvanised Steel Shutter

This is our strongest and most commonly supplied shutter, used for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications providing a high level of external security. Available in manual or electric options with either manual bullet or centre locking systems with rocker switch, key switch or remote control operations.

The standard 22 swg, 65 mm galvanised curtain is the more common option. However, 18 swg and 20 swg are also available. Solid, punched or perforated lath designs are available either in-line or brick bond. These shutters are provided in galvanised steel finish as standard however standard RAL colours are also available.
CX Retractable Grills

CX Retractable Grilles

This is an internal grille shutter suitable for both commercial and domestic applications. These grilles offer strong protection to windows and doors, including home patio doors. They are customised to your requirements and are available in a variety of colours to suit the colour scheme of your premises.

These low maintenance grilles are zinc plated with an anti-rust finish and are fully manually controlled. A multi-point slam shut locking system ensures security and most grilles operate via a single key.

The range of CX grilles available include:
  • Cx1 Retractable Grille
  • Cx2 Retractable Grille
  • Cx3 Retractable Grille
Grille Shutters

Nylon Grille Shutter

These are an internal lightweight grille shutter most suitable for bar hatches, receptions, display areas and shop fronts. However, they can also be used for a variety of other applications. They are produced using a high-quality aluminium rod with a nylon link which is kept in line with steel caps and nylon rollers, then finished off with an aluminium bottom rail which incorporates the expansion lock.

The grilles are available as manually operated 'push up, pull down' grilles or with a 240 electric motor with rocker switch, key switch or remote control options. They are supplied in only standard colours of black, brown, white, silver, gold, grey and red.

CS 89 Lexon Glazed Aluminium Shutter

This is an electric operated internal 89 mm aluminium lath shutter with polycarbonate insert, used mainly to secure shop fronts. It is available punched in-line or in brick bond effect dependent on your requirements. A rubber seal runs along the bottom rail to secure with 75 mm brush guides as standard.

Available with either push button, key or remote control options, these shutters operate through an electric motor, a manual over ride and safety break is fitted as standard. Various optional safety devices are also available upon request. Available in standard RAL colour finishes.

Tube and Link Shutter 

These are lightweight discreet shutters ideally suited for shop fronts, over bars and car parks and allow maximum vision whilst still offering a high level of security.

They can be produced using either a choice of aluminium or steel tubes and are available as in-line or brick bond designs depending on your requirements. Both manual and electric operations are available with centre or bullet locking systems options. They can be supplied in all standard RAL colour finishes.

Mesh Grille Shutters

These are an external grille designed for commercial applications where low budget with lesser aesthetic importance is required, whilst providing a high level of security. They are manufactured from a high quality galvanised mesh, spot welded into a steel frame then powder coated. The grilles are installed to the windows using thunder bolts which are then spot welded to prevent removal. They are available in standard RAL colours. Call today for a free, no-obligation quotation on 01924 408 018 or email
Mesh Grille Shutters
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